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Original Painting – Ayatul Kursi


Art Medium:

-24carat superior quality gold leaf

– Fabriano Artisco 100% cotton, 300gsm Hot Press watercolour paper

– Daniel Smith Finest Watercolours

Includes Certificate of authentication


Paper size: 38cm x 38cm

Frame: Gold flat frame,  Meranti wood with Gold Leaf finish

Frame size: 48cm x 48cm

Frame has minor imperfection due to gallery handling.


Ayatul Kursi in Maghrebi Kufic – Antique Style

Inspired by the 10th century illuminated Quran leaf it is meticulously hand painted using traditional techniques and methods.  The paper is first tea stained with different shades of tea to make it look old and ancient. Designs and calligraphy are then carefully hand painted with Daniel Smith Finest Watercolours using a handmade squirrel hair brush. Each geometry and arabesque designs are composed from scratch using compass and ruler. They are then gilded using 24carat superior quality transfer gold leaf and patterns are filled with Finest Watercolours and gouache.


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Original painting designed and hand painted by Shafina Ali using 24carat genuine gold leaf, ink, watercolour and gouache on tea stained Fabriano Artisco hot press Watercolour paper.





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